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Our Story

The making of Bratt...

In case you were wondering, this is the combination of Br(idget) and (M)att.

First meeting

After playing saxophone for a couple of years, Birgit decided to audition for a big band in De Bilt. Although she didn’t get the gig, she shook hands with the drummer of the band, a lovely guy named Matt. Little did they know that years later, they would become very important to each other!
Luckily, Birgit still joined the band a year later and they started making music together.

First real date

They had been friends for years now, supporting each other through break-ups. After being both newly single, Matt and Birgit decided to go on an actual date. And of course, this was a cinema visit. The both cried their eyes out during A Star is Born! It was very clear that this was the beginning of something beautiful…

Moving in together

After their first date, Matt and Birgit tried to take it slow. But there was no stopping this great romance! They quickly became inseparable and wanted to spend every minute together. So Matt moving in with Birgit was a logical step. And very soon their lives were merged in one cosy love nest!

Became doggy parents

After losing Birgit’s beloved labrador Grover the year before, on this day Birgit and Matt became parents to the most lovely chihuahua brothers in the world, Walter and Jesse. They have been their faithful furry friends since then!

Living in Yorkshire

Along came Covid and the subsequent lockdowns… Both working from home for quite some time, Birgit blurted out: “Why don’t we go live near your family for a while?” And so it happened. They packed up their things, scooped up the doggies and lived in Yorkshire for eight months. Quite an experience… Matt even threw Birgit a surprise 40th birthday party!

The Proposal

It seemed like a normal trip at the cinema… Matt has been preparing for this proposal for almost a year! He lured Birgit to the Louis Hartlooper Complex, on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, under the false pretences that he had to attend an awards ceremony and she was his +1. However, he had arranged for family and friends to wait inside the cinema, and after Birgit and Matt entered the dark room, the following film started playing:
The Engagement

The Wedding!

The day where our commitment to each other will be officially declared in front of friends and family. We are so looking forward to celebrating our love with you! From this day onwards, we can call each other hubby and wifey for life!

The rest of our lives together

Who knows what adventures await us… You never know what’s around the corner!