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The People

Some main characters on our big day

You’ll for sure encounter these faces at the wedding. Let’s introduce them!

Birgit & Matt

Bridal Couple

The cause for this whole event. That lady twirling around in a wedding dress? That must be Birgit. And the happy chap in the smart suit next to her? That's Matthew!



Sanne is the maid of honour and Birgit's badminton doubles partner until they are old and grey. The left hand to her right hand.



She may have left the badminton club some years ago, but she'll never leave Birgit's heart. Shares the couple's love of Aruba and warm climates, which matches her warm smile.



Virtuoso on the flugelhorn, who gave Birgit a warm welcome in the Zuilens Fanfare Corps in 2010. Maartje is always on hand to think up creative solutions for any wedding problem you throw her way,



Visionary director of photography and Matt's partner in crime and filmmaking. Give him any camera and he'll make a piece of art. Joas is Matt's 'work wife', according to Birgit.



This stylish, creative dynamite holds her own in a team of men in Monkeyshoot, where she oversees all design aspects. Nicole is a fiercely loyal friend, who has known Matt for may years.

Walter & Jesse

Ring Bearers

Okay, so they're not exactly people, but these two furry friends have a big part to play! As ring bearers, they will make sure that Mommy and Daddy are indeed putting a ring on it. And their other role is being cute, of course...


Master of ceremonies

The MC of the day, aka The Boss. She'll make sure the day runs smoothly and is available for all your practical questions.


Wedding officiant

Upon meeting Fiona for the first time during lunch, Matt and Birgit knew after 5 minutes that she was the one to marry them! Guiding a ceremony in two languages is no easy feat, but Fiona is up for the challenge.



Finding the right photographer, whose style and personality matched the couple, was a challenging task. Mirte's absolutely stunning portfolio and a super 'gezellige' introduction meant that they had found their match!